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'm heather childers in for martha maccallum. snowden has been in limbo at the moscow airport since june 20 third. the u.s. wanted russia to send him back home to face prosecution for spilling secrets about the u.s. surveillance program. instead russia granted him a year of asylum. bill: we wonder what is next. greg palkot live in london. there are a lot of rumors that he could go to cuba or venezuela. what is the latest there, greg. >> reporter: hello, bill and heather. by our calculations about an hour 1/2 ago he left his limbo status there at the terminal at the moscow airport. edward snowden the nsa leaker, is now traveling into russia. traveling to an undisclosed location according to his lawyer. indisclosed because of security concerns. he also, we have just learned, traveling with a member of the wikileaks organization, the whistle-blower organization assisting him in all of his various travels. this refugee status allows him to live and work in the country for one year and then, who knows. again, he's been on the move for five 1/2 weeks after unleashing that raft of surveillance dat
on a country in such turmoil. good morning. i'm jon scott. >> i'm heather nauert in for jenna lee today. there is a lot boeing on. we begin more violence in the arab world, the most populous nation suspected militants kill at least 25 police officers in a brazen day time attack in the sinai peninsula. meantime egyptian officials say 36 islamists died while they were in government custody. the circumstances of their deaths is unclear. we're continuing to watch that. people on all sides of this conflict have died since wednesday. that is when the military moved to clear camps of muslim brotherhood supporters. now in the aftermath of that, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle here in the united states say it is time to send a message and cut off american aid to egypt. among them senator john mccain, the leading republican recently traveling to egypt at the request of president obama. listen to this. >> we have no credibility. we do have influence but when you don't use that influence then you do not have that influence. we could be cutting off the aid, the spare parts and maintenance of th
'm heather childers in for jenna lee. good to be here. jon: good to have you here, heather. >> mubarak was transported by hello cop from this prison to a military hospital in cairo. from there we're told he will be placed under house arrest. his release threatens to stoke the unrest on the military coup that resulted in the ouster of president mohammed morsi. leland vittert is live in jerusalem. what are you learning about mubarak's release? >> reporter: this is essentially the equivalent ever out on bail awaiting trial. he is ordered under house arrest bit prime minister, now what you might call hospital arrest. the helicopter that took him to the hospital from the prison that he was being held at was a air ambulance if you will and then he arrived there at the hospital. he is now under military guard. it went down like this. he was convicted of ordering the killing of protesters during the 2011 revolution. that conviction was appealed. he won the appeal and he is now awaiting retrial. hence him waiting in prison the now he will wait in the hospital or under house arrest. there has be
might think. good morning to you, i'm jon scott. heather: a whole lot more. i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. the answer to that, 75%. that is how much of the internet traffic the national security agency has the capacity to spy on at any given time. that is according to a new report from the "wall street journal" the report suggests the existence of a wider online surveillance apparatus than previously acknowledged, paid for by your tax dollars. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is i have for us in washington. catherine, what is the reaction from the nsa? >> reporter: heather, the nsa is pushing back against "the wall street journal" story this morning though officials do not point to a specific claim other than saying the figure of 75% is overly broad. in a statement to fox news a nsa spokesperson says quote, nsa signals intelligence mission is centered on defeating foreign adversaries who are aiming to harm the country. we defend against threats and working to protect privacy rights of u.s. persons. it is not either/or. it is both. the use of the devices
. >> heather: i'm heather childers and welcome. >> i'm gregg jarrett. glad you with us. the latest on the search for a missing 16-year-old girl and her alleged captor after a witness says he saw the two trekking through one of roughest wilderness areas in united states. >> heather: potential pitfalls the real reason why consumers aren't saving as much money as they think they are. >> gregg: mayor of san diego is quitting after self-mandated therapy for sexual misconduct. can he still show up for work? >> heather: we begin with this. fox news weather alert. as we track severe flood danger. hundreds of people calling for help in tennessee where flash flooding took a lot of people by surprise. in colorado a fast moving mudslide leaving one man dead and authorities there looking for three people reported missing. people are on alert in the mississippi river valley where continued heavy rain could trigger intense flooding. brian is live for us with more. >> reporter: much of the midwest and southeast is pummeled by torrential rains and ten inches of rain falling on friday flooding hundr
's newsroom." nice to see you heather. >> i'm heather childers in for martha maccallum. the charges are sealed. so we don't know who exactly was named. bill: that's right. the justice department says the investigation is a top priority. the republican says the administration is tooking its good ol' time to cover up mistakes the night ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed. steve centanni leads our coverage in washington. the charges are what here, steve? >> reporter: we don't know the charges or the names of the accused because the indictment is sealed. we know the indictment did come down. these are the first criminal indictments or the first indictment in the aftermath of the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, an attack as you know that left four americans dead. the justice department is only saying that the ongoing but a u.s. official confirmed for fox news the indictment has been issued. president obama was asked on "the jay leno show" last night whether his reaction to the new terrorist threat might have been an overreaction in the wake of obama, and he said, i'm sor
know me. right next door to your office. i'm heather nauert in for martha maccallum today. america's closest ally backing out of a possible coalition. britain voting against military action concluding there wasn't enough evidence who carried out the chemical attack. listen. >> i don't think bashar al-assad should take any comfort in anything we're saying. i think he should be crystal clear knowing that the international community is standing up what he has done against his own people. the u.s. government is going to respond and he and his regime will be held accountable. bill: what do which expect today? the white house says it will release an unclassified intel report on that syrian chemical attack. there was a briefing last night with leading lawmakers. molly henneberg is leading our coverage. has the president spoken to the british prime minister since the vote went against military intervention in parliament last night, molly? >> reporter: the two have been in close consultation in the past week. british prime minister david cameron he expects, quote, president obama understand
. welcome to america news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. the taxman has been served. chairman investigating the irs scandal serves subpoenas to the treasury department to hand over more documents. we'll have the latest,. >> gregg: hundreds of spectators getting up early to see this controlled plant implosion when something goes horribly wrong sending shrapnel flying toward the crowd. >> heather: press may have to rely on one key man in the case against aaron hernandez. what he might know that might make the difference in this case of execution style killing and betrayal. >> we begin with a fox news alert. new urgency concerning the threat of an al-qaeda terrorist attack now being called, quote, very specific by a leading republican lawmaker. the security concern trigger triggering a worldwide travel alert and closing of 17 embassies and five consulates. this is the scene in yemen. heavily armed soldiers standing guard outside the u.s. embassy checking up checkpoints and blocking roads. this is one example and now sunday in bangladesh making the u.s. embassy there the
has time with the family. good to see you heather. >> i'm heather childers. nice to be back. pentagon officials say the broad evacuation effort is due to the threat that already prompted the closure of 19 u.s. embassies across the middle east and after from. bill: greg palkot picks up the story live from london with the latest there what is the latest you're hearing on the ground in yemen, greg. >> reporter: latest from our contacts on the ground in yemen things are definitely getting serious there. fox news was told at least one c-117 u.s. military aircraft transported something like 90 non-essential staffers from the embassy. u.s. citizens outside the embassy told to leave immediately. we were on the phone with the embassy this morning. it certainly sounded like they were on high alert. we had been there, it is a well-secured embassy, but according to my contacts it is more secure today. additional tanks, armored personnel carriers, all around that place, u.s. surveillance aircraft overhead. u.k. also evacuating diplomatic personnel. it is due to the between the a rabe european and
'll gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america news headquarters. >> heather: after three and a half long years, victims of the fort hood massacre, nidal hassan goes to trial. we'll have a preview and all 13 of those lost in the gunfire. >> gregg: plus who are other the boardwalk, police arrest a man witnesses say may have inever intentionally plowed his car into a crowd of people killing one person. >> and major league baseball fans awaited the punishment of ser star alex rodriguez that could get a lifelong ban for steroid use. what it means for many other players that could face similar fates. >> gregg: we begin with late breaking developments about an extraordinary travel alert for americans in the closing of two dozens bases across central asia. sources telling fox news the terrorist chatter that the u.s. intelligence has been picking up in the last couple weeks, goes way beyond anything heard in the last decade. quote, this is not a dress rehearsal like some previous threat warnings. the closure stretches across a wide arc including some of the most turbulent areas of
cool. bye, everybody. heather: right now, brand new stories and breaking news. jon: there is chilling new info out of syria as brutal violence there continues a new report says more than a million children are refugees there now, as pressure mounts for the president and the world to decide on a course of action. >>> growing anger over a horrific murder in oklahoma. new details about three teenagers accused of gunning down a college baseball player just for fun. >>> plus hillary clinton ahead in the polls but she might face real competition if she decides to run for the white house. why some big names are testing the waters now to see if they might jump into the democratic primary race. it is all "happening now." but we begin with this fox news alert on new protests in egypt. good morning to you, i'm jon scott. >> i'm heather childers in for jenna lee again. nice to be here. jon: good to have you here, heather. heather: the muslim brotherhood call it a so-called, friday of martyrs. jon: the rallies are another show of support for ousted president mohammed morsi. egyptian security is de
. >> heather: topping the news, 18 embassies are back open for business in the muslim world after a terror alert shut them down. our embassy in yemen and consulate in pakistan is still closed. we'll have a live report. >> gregg: one of three people missing in colorado found alive amid a massive flooding and mudslides there. our extreme weather center is tracking it all. >> heather: white house mexico releases the mastermind behind the killing of a dea agent. our legal panel breaks it all down. >> gregg: we begin with a fox news alert. new information on that dramatic rescue of a missing teenager, 16-year-old hannah anderson alive and safe and free at last now getting ready for an emotional reunion with her dad. her terrifying ordeal ended late yesterday when f.b.i. agents shot and killed the suspected kidnapper deep in the idaho wilderness. after a week long manhunt that sparked a multistate amber alert. will, what is the latest. >> reporter: we're about to hear from a key player in ordeal. we are zoned in idaho after a horseback rider said he ran into dimaggio and hannah. at the time he d
of ancient sequoia trees, our dominic, tell us more about these new efforts. >> reporter: well, heather, it's what's called spike camps. it's when the fire services send out firefighters together with dozers and with engines to small spots inside the wilderness which starts to build up new lines and new break lines and new dozer lines. it's a very preemptive move by the fire services because this fire is jumping so fast caused by winds. that is just whipping it up and sending it over hillsides. they're actually having to instead of wait for it to come to certain parts, they're actually going out to meet the fire in certain areas. this is how the fire service is saying they're much needed. >> we're seeing spike camps for a quicker response. one, we have almost 4,000 firefighters here, but we need them in centralized low kagszs instead of moving them from one central place, we have spike camps set up around the perimeter of this fire for immediate response and support of those firefighters. >> reporter: it's that sense of urgency. and the fire today has left about -- sorry about 10,000 acres
america's news headquarters. >> i'm heather childers. we have breaking reports on incidents involving dozens of muslim brotherhood supporters dying in police custody. >> and firefighters pouring into central idaho right now to battle a wildfire threatening thousands of homes near a luxury ski resort. a live report on that growing inferno. >> and a stunning new development on the death of princess diana, why british police say they're examining the relevance and credibility on newly received information on the deaths of diana and her companion dodi. >>> new reaction now to the growing nsa scandal. they broke rules thousands of times. this after president obama repeatedly assured americans that the agency had not overstepped its bounds. now critics on both sides of the aisle raising new questions about nsa oversight. elizabeth live from washington with more. elizabeth, there is renewed talk now of legislation. what are some lawmakers proposing? >> well, lawmakers are discussing whether a failed former amendment would have fundamentally changed the way the agency could collect personal i
. >>> it is friday august 23rd, hello, i am heather home in for gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7. crews are saying that the flames are now burning in a remote area inside the western boundary of yosemite park itself. the rim fire is more than 20 miles of yosemite which remains for openers. the fire has charged more than 165 square miles and remains on contained. just how much of this fire has grown, take a look at the map of the burn area back on monday and now look at the amount of today, it is spread across more than 100, 000 acres. the fire is now burning of 4 miles northwest of the reservoir, and that reservoir supplies water to more than 2 and a half million people in the bay area. today crews work to protect that vital resource and setting backfire and keeping it reaching from the water and the reservoir. >> it is moving in that direction so we want to be prepare. >> more than 2000 firefighters are battling the fire tonight and many of the crews is in the area. john is live now and he tells us of the local fire department for the rim fire trying to remain the fire protection at ho
this concluding my portion of the director's report and i like to ask heather kettle, our coordinator to give us her reports and complaints that our office have heard over the last 12 months. thank you heather. >> good afternoon council. in the past two months our office received 223 inquires, 91 percent were from the public and 9 percent of these inquires were from city departments. our office provided information and referrals forle 8 percent of these contacts and provided technical assistance for 33 percent of these contacts and conducted service request for 70 percent. the topics of -- it was about disability accommodations and housing, businesses, education and employment. contacts also requested information about affordable housing, benefits and employment resources. we received reports about management and housing authority building, not providing reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities. we received complaints regarding bed bug fes tags. and people wanted to dispute their parking tickets. we received 5 ada complaints and in june we received 7. it's features related to
. >>> this is bay area's news at 7. . it is monday, august 19, i will heather holmes for gasia. this is bay area news at 7:00. here is as life look at dab blow of the hot dry conditions keeping the fire crews on alert. more than 5000 firefighters are battling across the state. happening now at a town hall meeting to address the closu contra costa. chambers is live right now. >> reporter: right now they're talking about more closures and more reductions ahead. >> >> we want to catch fires early if we can and that's the case here today. >> around 1:15 this afternoon crews respond to a fire. ten minutes later things were ul controlled. >> it is kind of ironic that there is a need to up staff but we are still nowhere near to our normal daily prior to 2011. >> now, up staffing means going from 20 to 24 engine daily. >> the attack on that is the main sourc funding of the fire department here. >> i have a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old, it is scary that we don't have a fire house close to us. >> you know maybe they can work something out to get it back open, you know what i mean, it takes a lot of stress
first" on this monday morning. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley aiearhardt. we are preparing you for your workweek. we have the latest in the headlines including the worldwide terror alert. first a fox news alert. a train carrying hazardous materials derailed in louisiana forcing the evacuation of nearly 100 homes. more than 20 cars went off the track in the town of lawtell 50 miles west of baton rouge. one is leaking sodium hydroxide if it is inhaled or touches your sin skin it can be deadly. they are not picking up any traces of chemicals in the air. >> an arrest has been made in the hit and run at the venice beach boardwalk that killed 10 people and injured 11 others. this is new surveillance video you can see the suspect getting into his car and peeling off and then another camera captures the car speeding through the crowds and people jump to go get out of the way. police say nathan campbell turned himself in two hours after he fled the scene. his motive not clear except it piers he was determined to hurt people. he has been charged with suspension of murder and millions dol
browne. >> i am heather childers. thank you so much for starting your day with us. right to our top story. breaking news overnight the nsa broke privacy rules and over stepped the legal authority thousands of times each year. that's according to a new report from the "washington post". most violations involved the unauthorized surveillance of america. >> elizabeth brpran is liv prane from washington with the latest. >> the agency over stepped the boundaries. edward snowden proving significant violations include the unauthorized use of information on more than 3,000 americans and green card holders quote a large number of calls from washington were intercepted in 2008 after the district's area code was mistaken to the country code for egypt. in 2012 more than 2700 incidence of unauthorized collection as well as distribution of what is normally legally protected communications. the article's reporter saying there were a multitude of mistakes made. >> searching on the wrong names or searching on u.s. persons improperly or searching on people who they have no reasonable suspicion or length to
, their unifying principle is making sure 30 million people don't have health care. heather? >> peter doocy from washington. >>> the campaign to oust embattled san diego mayor bob filner is under way. filner, a democrat, accused of sexual harassment by 16 different women. 70-year-old former congressman did a week of rehab, but so far refused a slew of calls to resign, including requests from his city council, even some of his former colleagues in congress. now more than 1100 volunteers are hitting the streets in an organized effort to throw filner out of office. >> we are precisely where we should be. we're not off by a day. me, i am personally excited, elated. i want to see this happen as does the community. >> volunteers have 39 days to collect 102,000 signatures to force a recall election. organizers say they're confident they will collect that many and then some. >>> this is hard to believe, it has been 16 years since one of the most famous people in the world died in a car crash. new reports are raising questions about what really happened to princess diana and two others that night in pari
president for policy and outreach heather mcgee and director of african na studies as the lehigh university professor james peterson. heather, i want to start with you and see if you can unpack for us why you suppose the right is so determined to have president obama speak out on the chris lane case. it's not as if there are not lots and lots and lots of horrifying murders that happen in this country every day. >> it's really a shame. there's such a difference. i mean, we have to say that this murder is deplorable. we don't have to defend it and we don't have to defend it at all as people of color because it's actually not the what most african-american young men would ever do. right? it is not a symbol of something larger in our society. whereas the george zimmerman case, what we felt that was so painful was that george zimmerman was armed not only with a gun but with the same kind of fear-based negative stereotypes pervasive throughout our culture in which a heinz study foundation found when monitoring the news in pittsburghing that 86% of the coverage of african-american males was about
! steve: hi, heather. >> hello. steve: what do you do, darling? >> i'm a homemaker, and i have two children, and i make my own bread and raise chickens. well, 3 chickens--not really a ton of 'em. steve: now, let's talk about them chickens, though. you raise chickens. >> i raise 3 chickens. we named them. they're pretty much pets, and we just eat their eggs. steve: oh. >> yeah, we don't eat 'em. steve: oh, you just eat the eggs. >> we eat chicken, but we don't eat these chickens. steve: oh. no. that was on a different farm. [laughter] if you don't lay enough eggs-- >> you become dinner. ha ha! steve: we frying you. i had chickens in there just cranking eggs out. [laughter] how you doing, mr. ...? yeah. well, heather, let's go. fill in the blank. girls don't like it when their fathers ask their boyfriends if they have a what? >> previous girlfriend. steve: did they have a previous girlfriend? [buzzer] audience: aww... steve: hey, rebecca, how are you? >> i'm good. how are you doing? steve: so what do you do? are you married? >> i am married. i have two children. we're foster parents
their breath. a deal could be reached as the strike deadline draws closer. >> i'm heather holmes.  time is running out literally. take a look. bart and the unions now have one day, one hour, and 59 minutes to negotiate a deal and avoid a strike come monday morning. we have live team coverage. debra deleone has been monitoring and joins us from oakland with the latest. >> heather, no breakthroughs, but a much better tone. and they are still packing. it's been 12 hours. a longer day than they usually put in. >> reporters eager for an any crumb of news are bound to see the arrival of food, lots of it as a positive sign the two sides in the bart talks are digging in on big issues. >> will be taking a working dinner break. that's all i have. >> is there anything different? anything better? >> everything every day is something different. >> it has been a strident week for both sides. workers giving their strike notice and marching. and bart's boss press her case for new trains, not higher salaries. >> not just about the service today but in the service in the future, in the next 100 years. >>
's just not gonna happen. (patrons chatter and laugh) hello. hi. james: (reading her nametag) uh, heather, i wonder if you can help me, i'm looking for someone. heather: of course. is this person a guest with us today? no. an employee. oh, okay. you'd need to speak to the resident manager. shall i call him? sure. you know, actually, i just came in to say hi. it's the manager i'm looking for... i have a job interview. a friend set it up. i have his name here somewhere... floyd mather. mr. mather. right. take those stairs up to the mezzanine, then all the way around and look for the signs. thank you so much. concierge: good luck! spike: boss, james served two 30-day sentences last year - assault and violating a restraining order. domestic offenses go back four years, and he's been out of work for over a year. there's gonna be money issues. i talked to tobias. michelle and may have moved three times in the last year and james keeps finding them, and every time he escalates. parker: dominating personality, multiple stressors, his life is out of control. he picks today to lash back at the one
a couple different angles. but first i'd like to introduce heather conley, senior fellow and director of the europe program at csis. prior to working at csis, heather served in a variety of positions including deputy assistant secretary of state for europe. and with that, i'll let heather take it. >> thank you, andrew. good morning. well, it's hard to believe that matt and i two and a half months ago were sitting before you doing a briefing before the president traveled to lough erne, ireland and the g-8 summit, and we questioned how much syria would overwhelm the g-8 summit. here we are two months later, and we're now following the president as he makes his way en route to st. petersburg for the g-20 summit and wondering how much, of course, how much will syria dominate the corridor conversations. i guess you could summarize the president's unanticipated stop in stockholm as russia's loss and sweden's gain. after president obama canceled his bilateral summit with president putin, a stop needed to be added to the itinerary, and looking around the flight path, certainly the nordic coun
. vice president, heather mcgee. i can mess it up, you are my friend. washington post host matt miller and joining us from montgomery, alabama, brian stevenson. thank you for joining us today, which is a very big deal in the days of the halls of criminal justice reform. >> my pleasure. >> brian, first your reaction to the proposed changed by the attorney general in terms of mandatory sentencing requirements. how will this change or reform our justice codes? >> i think it's a very significant development. the politics of fear and anger have paralyzed legislatures and congress and other decision making bodies. we have been watching this problem get bigger and bigger. i think it's a huge development. the prison population in 1972 was 300,000 people in the united states. today, it's 2.3 million. most of that increase is a function of mandatory drug laws and the drug policy that's created the mandatory minimums. eliminating that on the federal side has a huge impact on the length of sentences and the character of people sent to prison. i think it's a really positive step forward that i hope
johnson. a family company. heather langley. she lives nearby. third body in a week. i got additional units patrolling the area, but it's too big. the unsubs fit into the community. they go unnoticed. this is the exact same place susan cole, the butcher's last kill, was dumped. heather's body is laid out in the same way. arms above her head, demeaning straddle. exactly the same stab wounds. the wounds are strategically placed so they miss the major arteries but inflict maximum pain. these unsubs aren't just trying to copy the butcher, they're trying to exactly reenact his last kill. copycats usually start from the beginning. why are they fixated on the last crime? something about this particular case is significant to them? morgan and prentiss, contact the parents. see if they got a phone call. you should make the notification first. we will. and we'll, uh, bring the parents down to the station. we need to release the profile. hotch. the butcher is somehow involved in this. the nuances are just too similar. the park, the hand position, the body. i think we should wait on the profile. but th
headquarters. >> i'm heather childers. a short time ago the president saying that for diplomacy, the time for diplomacy is over. he will now seek authorization from congress to pursue military action. listen. >> after careful deliberation i have decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets. to not be an open didn't ended intervention. we would not put boots on the ground. instead, our action would be designed to be limited in duration and scope. i'm confident we can hold the assad regime responsible for their use of chemical weapons, deter this kind of behavior and degrade their capacity to carry it out. >> congressional correspondent mike emmanuel live from wall. mike? >> reporter: heather, after a lot of grumbling about lacking details and conference calls, not enough consultation, my colleagues report last night on walk with his chief of staff, president obama decided alone it was better to go to congress, and this afternoon the commander in chief announced he wants congress to weigh in on military action in syria. >> that's why i made a seco
the opening. abc 7 news reporter heather got a look at the equipment that would repair this major problem. heather? >> reporter: carolyn, out there in the darkness is the new bay bridge just waiting to be lit up, so close to being ready to accept cars on it. out at mare island. the facility where the fix is being made has a long history of submarine making. now its takes it's place in bridge history. inside xkp engineering, 35,000 square foot machine shop, a slab is slowly rolled into a u shape. the first step of many on its way of becoming a piece of a saddle. the fix for broken rods on the new bay bridge. this model shows the sections in purple sitting atop the rods and cased in concrete. steel tendons will be threaded through layers of the saddle and clamped tight. >> after that part was done, we took it and put it in an oven. we baked it at 1200 degrees for approximately 30 hours. >> you bend it up, it gets tight. you want to relieve it, relax it so it doesn't want to twang back out. you heat it up. relieve all that stress. >> reporter: then the machine will begin to carve out troughs
heather got a look at the equipment that would repair this major problem. heather? >> reporter: carolyn, out there in the darkness is the new bay bridge just waiting to be lit up, so close to being ready to accept cars on it. out at mare island. the facility where the fix is being made has a long history of submarine making. now its takes it's place in bridge history. inside xkp engineering, 35,000 square foot machine shop, a slab is slowly rolled into a u shape. the first step of many on its way of becoming a piece of a saddle. the fix for broken rods on the new bay bridge. this model shows the sections in purple sitting atop the rods and cased in concrete. steel tendons will be threaded through layers of the saddle and clamped tight. >> after that part was done, we took it and put it in an oven. we baked it at 1200 degrees for approximately 30 hours. >> you bend it up, it gets tight. you want to relieve it, relax it so it doesn't want to twang back out. you heat it relieve all that stress. >> reporter: then the machine will begin to carve out troughs for the tendons to run through. ti
. forcing officials to delay the opening. abc 7 news reporter heather got a look at the equipment that would repair this major problem. heather? >> reporter: carolyn, out there in the darkness is the new bay bridge just waiting to be lit up, so close to being ready to accept cars on it. out at mare island. the facility where the fix is being made has a long history of submarine making. now its takes it's place in bridge history. inside xkp engineering, 35,000 square foot machine shop, a slab is slowly rolled into a u shape. the first step of many on its way of becoming a piece of a saddle. the fix for broken rods on the new bay bridge. this model shows the sections in purple sitting atop the rods and cased in concrete. steel tendons will be threaded through layers of the saddle and clamped tight. >> after that part was done, we took it and put it in an oven. we baked it at 1200 degrees for approximately 30 hours. >> you bend it up, it gets tight. you want to relieve it, relax it so it doesn't want to twang back out. you heat it up. relieve all that stress. >> reporter: then the machine will
'm gregg jarrett. welcome to america news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. the taxman has been served. chairman investigating the irs scandal serves subpoenas to the treasury department to hand over more documents. we'll have the latest,. >> gregg: hundreds of spectators getting up early to see this controlled plant implosion when something goes horribly wrong
floods caused not just by heavy rains last night, but by forest fires last year. here's heather burke from our denver affiliate kcnc. >> reporter: the cleanup has begun at manitou springs, colorado. this restaurant was washed out by the water surge. farley mcdonough showed us where the flood line reached two feet. >> this is what all of the professionals have been telling us could happen so we've been work very hard to be ready but you can only be so ready when something like this happens. >> reporter: just an inch and a half of rain triggered the mudslides in an area scorched by wildfires last year. the dry soil is unable to absorb as much water as before. flash floods damaged dozens of homes and sent cars floating. a 53-year-old man drowned, buried under debris on a flooded highway. 5,000 people live in this tourist town at the foot of pike's peak, six miles west of colorado springs. mark snyder is the mayor. >> we didn't have a lot of warning last night. this really came upon us quickly. >> reporter: rescuers spent the day looking for three missing people, include one woman last se
. a person claiming to be heather anderson posted that her abductor, james dimaggio, "threatened to kill me and anyone who tried to help." she also wrote that dimaggio deserved to be killed by fbi agents, "he deserved what he got." one of heather anderson's friends confirm the post was her. the account has been disabled. >>> in less than an hour, the family of daphne webb is planning a walk to show their commitment to finding her. the walk begins at 1:00 outside of the oakland police department at 7th and broadway. daphne's mother reported her missing on july 10th. that's about five weeks ago. he told police, the 21-month- old girl was taken from a car while inside a store. >>> plunging more than 9,000 feet in two minutes. we'll tell you about the deadly crash that involves a u.p.s. cargo plane this morning. >>> another nice day in the bay area. ktvu's mark tamayo will be here to tell you how long it will last. >>> students in the south bay head back to school. the big changes in grading they can expect too see. too-- to see. 0!ockÑ?çóxo?Ñ=çñÑñçvxqx?ñññ?óioy >>> security forces
think about it all the time. yeah, especially this time of year, heather because this is the time of year sharks come in shore, august, september, october. >> as you look at our weather, temperatures cooled off just a little bit. 89 in antioch, norg an -- morgan hill was the hot spot at 90. that low pressure is starting to move out of here and it's taking that -- it took the red flag warning with it, taking that chance of thunderstorms out of the area. we are still seeing thunderstorms in the west slopes of nevada and we're seeing red flag warnings because of lightning strikes. earlier this afternoon, hundreds of lightning strikes along the west slope here in nevada from vira valley north. and this low tracks through, temperatures will fall a little bit tomorrow and stay on the mild side. and more thunderstorm chances in the north portion of california, hence the red flag warning. and once this leaves tomorrow, things kind of stabilize and go to what you would expect this time of year. the fog forecast, a lot of it tomorrow morning, all the way into the livermore valley, into the
-- transportation reporter heather ishimaru is live and it is amazing the moment is really hear. >> you can sort of feel it. i know it might sound strange and maybe it is just me. you can feel the excitement and there will be nothing tricky done about the new traffic alignment on the new bay bridge. but drivers could be thrown at least a bit by the brand-new rad clear -- radically experience on the deck. this shows the driver's point of view. this is westbound beyond the toll plaza. we showed the animation to the eager commuters. >> i didn't know they would be trees there. >> they won't be in by the time the bridge opens on september 3rd. they are coming eventually along with some other landscaping. what will be there day one is a new westbound view currently blocked. >> it should be awesome. you have an unincome bettered view of the bay. hopefully the guardrails are low so you can see over the top. yet safe enough so nobody is going over the edge. >> it shows a westbound off-ramp for treasure island and yes, sir bough buena on the right, but the off-ramp is still two years away. drivers headed
next week. >>> it is thursday august 22 i'm heather homes and this is bay area new at 7. california governor declares a state of emergency as a wild fire rages out of control. several thousands homes and businesses are in harms way. residents and cam perez in the area have been told to evacant. nearly since it started saturday along with two homes and seven builds. the u.s. report service saying only 2% contained. the governor's will free up money and resources to battle this massive rage. have made the rim fire extremely difficult to fight whether crews can protect their homes. what those residents are telling him. >> the rim fire continues to burn out of control in the national forest and they are losing the fight at this time. as we have been reporting the fire exploded in size since yesterday trip willing too 53,000 acres and climbing quickly. four people had to evacant the moment they had to leave their homes was usually pretty obvious. >> a big boom and black smoke and we saw it and figured something happened that's when the called came up so i went home and finished packing u
performance by tony and grammy award winner heather headley. >> pelley: heather headley the noted actress, singer and songwriter will have a short performance now before the president's speaks. and as we watch this doug brinkley what are some of the things that you think about as you look at this day and this celebration from the perspective of a historian? >> well, 50 years ago today martin luther king gave the greatest oratorical speech, you know, in american history. nothing compares to it. and we have it on film. and we have it in on tape and schoolchildren all over the country know testimony and that speech lead the way for the voting rights act of 1965, the civil rights act of '64, affirmative action. and it really gave us barack obama as president of the united states. after that speech, dr. kingeded up winning the nobel peace prize in 1964. and of course president barack obama has also won one as did jimmy carter who is speaking today. >> pelley: there were many things, of course, that influenced the civil rights movement but as you say, after this speech nothing was ever the same
some answers we go to the transportation reporter who is live at the toll plaza. heather? >> first we want to tell you about the work going on here at the toll plaza. these heavy trucks here, the heavy equipment are working on a grinding project two to six inches worth tearing up two to six inches of asphalt to put in a new drainage system. it is a part of the prog jeblght jeblght -- project overall. going to throw a couple of numbers at you with 1.2 million square feet of roadway and bringing in 14,500 tons of asphalt. a steady stream of heavy equipment moved in moments after the bridge was closed. much of the work during it is clough is sure has to do with grinding, paving and striping which takes time to cure and dry. and the new span needs to be connected to land on the oakland side and to the yerba buena tunnel on the west side. the most challenging will be the old westbound upper deck on the oakland side so the bike path can be connected between land and bridge. >> within the next couple hours you will start seeing asphalt showing up. they are coming from a company 245* is based
news is there live near the bay bridge toll plaza. heather? >> i am here at the edge of a sea of fresh asphalt. that is what they're getting ready to do here. caltrans says everything is on schedule but they're concern forward people leaving for the weekend to still plan their return based on that 5:00 a.m. tuesday opening time. oh, the truck going too stop an french us. they're starting to lane stripe here. while the bridge is closed, readying the new span, there is a western span also that is getting a needed dose of maintenance. they took us up there today to take a look. a monument bridge is getting monumental maintenance. with only one lane of active traffic for treasure island residents and plin, workers can accomplish in four days what would take four months. >> that includes bridge paving and replacing lights. that includes drain clearing. that includes paving work we have to do. figure removeal. >> these workers suspended from a tower on a platform with engines clamping down on cables, carrying them up and down. they're repairing a line that supplies air. on a structure this m
. >>> i'm heather holmes. this is bay area news at 7. it is the start of a holiday weekend. we are counting down to bay bridge history, bay area history, the grand opening of new eastern span of the bay bridge is three days away. there is a chance they could open it early. just before 5:00 tonight, we received an update from the project spokesman, who says the work is proceeding right on schedule. he says crews completed all the grinding today in both directions. they are about halfway done with paving the west bound lanes and begun striping. east bound paving is complete. >> the focus will be on switching out the lighting in the tunnels from the traditional lights that have been there to led lights. they will continue that work over the next 24 hours. they are also going to wash the inside of the tunnel. >> gordon says the main goals are eefficiency and safety. asked whether it would open early, they say so far they are planning on tuesday at 5:00. >>> the bridge closure is impacting the commute as bart runs around the cloud this weekend, yesterday was its third busiest day ev
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